200 Tapas & Spanish Dishes

Octopus Publishing Group

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With over 200 recipes infused with the vibrant and complex flavours of Spain, you can recreate the tastes of the tapas bar in your home. There are tempting recipes to suit any occasion, from simple family lunches to dinner party centrepieces. Whip up a refreshing Andalusian Gazpacho on a hot summer's day or, for something simple yet delicious, try Mussels in a Saffron Broth. If you've got a celebration coming up, wow friends and family with a Valencian Paella. And, to round things off perfectly, sample one of the sweet treats, such as Moscatel Roasted Peaches or Santiago Almond Torte.

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Издательство Octopus Publishing Group
Язык Английский
Переплет Мягкий
Размер 143х167 мм
ISBN 978-0600626831
Год издания: 2014
Количество страниц: 240
Серия книг: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook


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