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Описание книги

Do you need a notebook for a special project? Want to carry along something that's not too cumbersome? Choose one of the three complementary design notebooks from a package of Bon Voyage Writer's Notebooks from Galison Green.

At a slim 40 pages, they are just the thickness you need when you're not writing a draft of Van Loon's Geography.

Using collage elements supplied by Clare Goddard, our designers put together attractive images of vintage maps, train and tramway tickets, images of propeller planes, ships, old bicycles, and other fun ways of getting around the world.

  • Three notebooks per package: one lined, one graph, one blank
  • Three complementary cover designs
  • 40 pages per notebook
  • Pages measure 6 x 8"
  • Made of 100% recycled paper

  • Свойства товара

    Наличие В наличии
    Издательство Galison
    Язык Английский
    Размер 208х145х15 мм
    ISBN 978-0735330405
    Год издания: 2010
    Количество страниц: 40 стр.
    Иллюстратор: Клэр Годдард


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