Sticker Dolly Dressing: Dolls


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Описание книги

Little children everywhere will love using the stickers to dress the dolls in this brand new series. With over 400 stickers to dress the characters for a variety of occasions, including a day at the beach, a summer picnic and a birthday party. Stickers include trendy items of clothing and bags, shoes, hats and jewellery to get the dolls looking their best. A great activity to keep little hands busy.

Свойства товара

Наличие Предзаказ
Издательство Usborne
Язык Английский
Количество страниц 24 + 10 of stickers
Переплет Мягкий
Возраст 5+
Размер 305 x 238
Автор Fiona Watt
Серия книг Sticker dolly dressing
Иллюстратор Vici Leyhane
ISBN 978-0746075487


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