Early Readers Story Collection - Set 1 - 5 Books Box Set Childrens Gift Pack Read at Home

Maverick Arts Publishing

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These fun packs each include suggested learning objectives, lesson plans, language and linguistic features and also fun and enjoyable activities.

Learning to read is such a key point in a childs growth and the transition from being a listener to being a reader is not an easy one.This Books Feature Fun picture books, book banded as Early readers, we can bring the fun of the bedtime story to the classroom.

A Scarf and a Half (Early Reader)

Little Lionel is disappointed when Granny Mutton gives him an overly long scarf for his 0day, when what he actually wanted was a football! But his friends show him how the scarf is the perfect gift for a little lamb wanting some fun.

Preposterous Rhinoceros (Early Reader)

Disaster! King Lion has lost his voice and cannot read the animals their bedtime story. Luckily Preposterous Rhinoceros wants to give it a go but how do you go about reading a book?

The Black and White Club (Early Reader)

At Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park the penguins have started up a new club but only black and white animals are invited. Feeling left out, George the Giraffe comes up with his own plan.

Hocus Pocus Diplodocus (Early Reader)

Hocus P. Diplodocus is not like other dinosaurs. He is the world's first magician! As Hocus' powers grow, his fame grows too, but so does the chance that it could all go wrong drastically wrong!

Yuck! Said the Yak (Early Reader)

Alfie does not seem too worried when a yak appears at his house on a bicycle but when the yak says "Yuck!" to everything that Alfie offers him he thinks him very rude!
A simple but expressive story of just over a hundred words, which parents and children will love to read out loud.

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