Fairy Ponies Midnight Escape


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Описание книги

Holly is staying with her great-aunt when she discovers a tiny pony with shimmering wings. At first she thinks she must be dreaming, until two fairy ponies visit her with an urgent mission. Puck, a young fairy pony, is in danger! The Fairy Ponies series is an exciting addition to Usborne Young Reading, introducing children to wonderful, original, illustrated fiction. Developed in consultation with reading experts.

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Издательство Usborne
Язык Английский
Количество страниц 96
Переплет Твердый с лентой-закладкой
Возраст 7+
Размер 198 x 130
Автор Zanna Davidson
Серия книг Young Reading Series 3 – Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns
Иллюстратор Barbara Bongini
ISBN 978-1409506287


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