Little Children's Space Activity Book


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Описание книги

A write-in activity book for young children, full of mazes, dot-to-dot, drawing, colouring, stickering, spot-the-difference, counting, spotting and matching activities - all themed around space. An interactive way for children to find out about what's out in space, with exciting space facts and lots of space-related vocabulary. Space is a hot topic for children, and with the first British astronaut going up to the International Space Station in November 2015 the excitement around space travel is sure to continue building. This stylish activity book is a gentle introduction to the concept of 'space' and some key space vocabularly for small children. Includes stickers.Part of a series of Usborne Activity Books for Little Children; other titles include 'Travel' and 'Rainy Day'.

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Издательство Usborne
Язык Английский
Количество страниц 64+4
Возраст 4+
Размер 250 x 216
Автор Rebecca Gilpin
Серия книг
ISBN 978-1409581925


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