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Art skills

525 грн
Артикул: 20313
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  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 96
  • Переплет Твердый со спиралью
  • Возраст 7+
  • Размер 170 x 130
  • Автор Fiona Watt
  • Серия книг Art ideas
  • Издательство Usborne
  • ISBN 978-1409501206
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Описание книги Art skills

Inspirational guide to over 120 ideas for painting, drawing, printing and doing collage using many different skills and techniques. Includes watercolour washes, paint splattering effects, simple print-making, sponge painting, oil pastel techniques, continuous line drawings and mixed media collage. Arranged in project-based chapters that enable budding artists to master a single technique and use it creatively.

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