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Digital photography Masterclass

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  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 360
  • Переплет Твердый
  • Возраст 15+
  • Размер 200 x 243 мм
  • Автор Tom Ang
  • Издательство Dorling Kindersley
  • ISBN 978-0241241257
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Описание книги Digital photography Masterclass

In Digital Photography Masterclass, Tom Ang gives you a one-on-one course in every aspect of digital photography. Improve your skills, develop your eye and take control of your camera to deliver the shots you want.

This new edition is fully updated to include all the latest equipment and software, with stunning new photos to illustrate how to master the complexities of lighting, composition and timing. Enhance your pictures with image manipulation and expanded lessons on post-production. Master the DSLR and specialise in whatever interests you, from sport to portrait, following Tom's tips on taking photos in a variety of genres.

With Tom Ang's clear tutorials, practical assignments, step-by-step projects and inspirational examples, you'll be a photography master in no time.

Previous edition ISBN 9781409333906

ISBN: 9780241241257 Pages: 360 Size: 200 x 243 mm Read more

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