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Lift the Flap: First 100 Words

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  • Язык Английский
  • Переплет Твердый
  • Возраст 1+
  • Размер 274x274
  • Серия книг Scholastic Early Learners
  • ISBN 978-0545903158
Описание книги Lift the Flap: First 100 Words

Scholastic Early Learners: Interactive board books for hands on learning!

An exciting new series of early learning novelty board books that combine Scholastic's strength in learning with beautiful photography and clear designs to stimulate early learning.

Lift the Flap First 100 Words is an entertaining board book that encourages children to lift the flaps and learn first words!

Each page covers a different topic, and children will enjoy lifting the flaps to find extra words, opposites and visual surprises. Topics include pets, toys, food, clothes, out and about, things that go, farm animals, wild animals, bath and bed, numbers, colors, and opposites.


  • An action-packed first word book with more than 50 flaps
  • Extra words and visual surprises encourage children to lift and learn
  • An ideal book for young children to explore and for parents and toddlers to enjoy together
  • Helps children to link words and pictures and to build their vocabulary


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