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Star Wars Thumb Doodles

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Артикул: L31882
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  • Язык Английский
  • Переплет На спирали
  • Возраст 3+
  • Размер 230х220 мм
  • Издательство Klutz
  • ISBN 978-0545492843
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Описание книги Star Wars Thumb Doodles

Use the 4 inkpads, marker, and dual-tipped colored pencil to make thumbprint versions of your favorite Star Wars characters. Simple step-by-steps include — Clones and Battle Droids, Ewoks and Wookies, Jedi and Jabba the Hutt. Star Wars fans will love re-creating key moments from the movies and creating scenes of their own.

Comes with: 4 ink pads (blue, black, green, brown), 1 black marker pen, 1 double-tipped pencil (green, red).

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