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Stories of ghosts

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Артикул: 20371
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  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 48
  • Переплет Твердый с лентой-закладкой
  • Возраст 5+
  • Размер 196 x 130
  • Автор Russell Punter
  • Серия книг Young Reading Series 1
  • Издательство Usborne
  • ISBN 978-0746089002
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Описание книги Stories of ghosts

Three not-so-scary stories with easy-reading text for children who have just started reading on their own. Includes stories about a ghostly hotel, a school for spirits and a haunted TV set. Part of the Usborne Reading Programme developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton. The audio CD includes a dramatic listen-along recording with music and sound effects, followed by a read-along version with prompts for page turns.

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