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The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

189 грн
Артикул: L30916
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  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 296 стр.
  • Переплет Мягкий
  • Размер 130x200 мм
  • Автор Джеймс Паттерсон. Майкл Ледвидж
  • Издательство Arrow Books. Random House
  • ISBN 978-0099514978-
  • Количество страниц 296 стр.
Описание книги The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Daniel X works alone. Having watched from the shadows as the brutal murder of his own parents unfolded before him, he has been forced to make his own way in a dark and unforgiving world with a heavy task handed to him. Daniel's father was an alien hunter, working his way through a fearsome 'wanted' list of aliens intent on seeking control and wreaking devastation. Now Daniel's life ultimate aim is to exact revenge against number 1 on his list: his parents' murderer. But first he must target the others: each more sinister and gruesome than the last.

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