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The great animal search

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Артикул: 20666
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  • Язык Английский
  • Количество страниц 32
  • Переплет Твердый
  • Возраст 6+
  • Размер 276 x 207
  • Автор Caroline Young
  • Серия книг Great Searches
  • Издательство Usborne
  • Иллюстратор Ian Jackson
  • ISBN 978-1409508533
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Описание книги The great animal search

A superbly illustrated puzzle book with around 100 animals to spot on every double page. Scenes include a steamy swamp, a dusty desert, the high mountain tops and the African plains, and each scene is crammed with creatures, from alligators to zebras. Includes short captions with information and fascinating facts.

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